Prenatal Belly Dance Classes

Prenatal Belly Dance Classes

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 Welcome to the most beautiful period of life – PREGNANCY!


If you want to stay fit, healthy and in a good mood, come to Prenatal Belly Dance Classes in Dublin City Centre! Share your experience, ask questions, dance and celebrate your feminity and a new birth with us! You can start at the very beginning of pregnancy, our classes are tailored to women in all stages of pregnancy, with no sharp or sudden movements that could harm the mother and/or baby.

The benefits of oriental dance during pregnancy are; helping to coordinate movement, developing motor skills, and remaining both elegant and delicate at all times. Unlike other ways of recreation, this dance provides the typical insulation of the body, which means that we focus and work only with the participants desired part of the body. For example, squeezing pelvic muscles, pushing them forward and back, isolating hips or chest and moving them gently in several possible directions. We work as well on the hands and feet which stimulate the blood circulation and prevents swelling during pregnancy.

Belly dance movements are really great for your labour!  The circular hip and pelvic movements can help to move a baby into a good position and get you ready for birth! For example, our special figure of eight and rolling circular movements during the labour.

If you continue dancing, after birth, it makes it easier to restore your desired weight, prevent postnatal depression and of course, you have time just for yourself! Special 'you' time!

The dance was a form of ritual celebration of fertility from around 3000 BC. There are many artefacts evident through the ages, like cave paintings, for example, are pure evidence of a religious and spiritual connection between feminity, dance, and fertility.

Classes are held by a highly experienced teacher who was teaching and performing during all of her own pregnancy, until the last day before the delivery of the baby! These classes really made a difference to her well-being, before, during and after the birth of her beautiful healthy bouncing baby boy!