1. Do we have to wear tight clothes and short top in the class?

Absolutely not! You are welcome to wear anything comfortable for dancing, like, for example, a pair of leggings and a regular t-shirt.

2. Why do belly dancers usually wear a short top?

In order to show all the muscles on the belly which we use to make movements, it is easier for us to wear short tops.

3. What if I'm not in good shape?

That is no problem for us! With belly dance movements you will easily get in the good body shape, gain strength and get in better condition overall. In our classes, we use a lot of ballet, yoga, pilates exercises, which help us to become more flexible too.

4. What if I have a health issue?

You would need to inform us in advance. When we are informed about your issue, we will be able to show you movements which are good for your condition and advise you how to practice at home.

5. Does the size or shape matter in Belly Dance?

No physical appearance will help you to be a better dancer. Some movements visually look nicer on the slimmer dancer (example: belly roll, camel) while shimmies look stunning when done by curvy dancers. The best way to be an excellent dancer is to practice a lot! By the time you will learn what body positions will make your dance lines to suit you the best.

6. Can I enrol in classes as a recreational activity and expect to progress in some dance opportunities?

Our classes are mainly offered as a recreational activity for those with experience and those without. By the time participants in classes, might feel a strong connection with dance and get dedicated more. In that stage, we have other types of classes.

7. What benefit will I get from the Belly Dance Classes?

For sure a lot of fun! In our classes, time passes so quickly that you aren't aware that you are exercising. With dance we build up our body, increase strength and flexibility, you will discover muscles you didn't know you had!

8. How many times can I go to the classes per week?

You are welcome to come to 1 class but our recommendation is to take at least 2 classes per week! We have Beginners once a week, Intermediate group twice a week and Advanced classes with choreographies 1 once a week.  Different levels can be combined for some of the dancers. 

9. Can I drop-in?

Well, yes you can. However, that is not the best way to get the best from our classes. That is a good way to try the class, but you will probably struggle with the movements or be unable to catch up if you have missed previous classes that others have booked and attended regularly.

10. Do I have to perform?

Of course not. You can perform at your convenience or join our Show Dance Group and perform at festivals, and other events if you like, however, this is by no means compulsory.