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We provide Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Belly Dance classes and we do a  Show Dance Group as well! You can expect a certificated and awarded dance teacher and professional service in the Dublin City Centre.

Belly Dance or Oriental Dance in Arabic is known as Raqs Sharqi (“Eastern Dance”).

In our classes, we learn the Egyptian Belly Dance style (Raqs Sharqi), as the most common and one of the most beautiful Oriental Dance styles. Raqs Sharqi is an alluring dance style that has grown out of folkloric forms, mixed with some elements of ballet and jazz dance.

It is a very passionate, sensual, emotional, energetic and mysterious dance.

Why not come and discover your own dance style?

What will the class look like? First of all, there’s a warm-up. After that, we will “go through” the technique, dance sequences, rhythms, dance props and at the end, relaxation.

Belly dance classes are a unique way of exercising, suitable for all genders, age group and even if you have a health issue with back or neck belly dancing can help too.

You don’t need to have dance experience or be young and beautiful to do Belly Dance! You only need some courage to try something new and discover your own style! :)

If you wonder what the classes are going to be like and whether you will like the teacher, come to the first FREE taster class! Please, sign up for it!  If you like it, you are very welcome to book your class package after that...

We would be very happy to see you here learning a new rhythmic dance and having lots of FUN while you are at it!!

Go on..  book the taster... what have you got to lose? .. Nothing..  and everything to gain!