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What is our secret? We really enjoy working hard to achieve our goals, keep our promises, work on quality and follow our passion! We run 4 classes in a week, 1 Beginner, 2 Intermediate and 1 Advanced. Classes can be combined for some of the dancers.

We offer you certified and awarded teacher, possibility to make up a missed class, dance performances, competitions, beautiful dance venue in the Dublin City Centre and a lot of dance challenges! These classes are new, fun and a unique way to keep fit too!


Ivana Cleopatra is a certified teacher of Dance Techniques, she has an honours degree from the Ministry of Education in Croatia and approval for the operating license of specialized dances. This includes; the teaching and training of the History of Dance, the  Classical Ballet, the Modern Dance techniques, the Urban Dance techniques, the Choreographic Composition, Educational Dance Methodology, Musical Art, and not to mention the basics of Anatomy, Psychology, Sports Medicine, Occupational Safety, Dance Injuries and Rehabilitation.

Since 2004, she has been studying the unique movement of belly dancing (oriental dance) and Arabic folklore, in different countries from well known and highly qualified teachers: Mahmoud Reda, Hassan Khali, Tito, Ahmed Fekry, Sameh El Dessouki, Ashraf Hosny, Osama Emam, Camelia, Hassan Saber, Hossam Abdel Ghany, Neserin, Magdy El Leisy, Aida Nour, Mona Mustafa, Zeina Abou Shebika, Nasra, Shareen El Safy, Asmahan, Khaled Mahmoud, Randa Kamel, Tito Seif, Lubna Emam, Khaled Seif, Yoursry Sharif, Aida Nour i Nour, Michelle Joyce, Jasmina Ramzy, Serkan Tutar, Aida Bogomolova, Anna Borisova and Sadie, Saida Helou, Marina Shishkova, Lulu Sabongi, Jillina, Jamilla.

She won 1st place at the Forpos Festival in Croatia, 2nd place with her group at the Miss Belly Dance Ireland, 1st place with the group in Raqs Ireland 2018. Her students won several great places in different categories and styles

1st place Beginner's - Giorgia Piastra
2nd place Drum solo - Giorgia Piastra
1st place Amateur - Alisa Utkina
2nd place Amateur - Ola Wierzchhowska
1st place Folklore - Ola Wierzchowska
3rd place Folklore - Alisa Utkina
1st place Group - Ola, Giorgia, Alisa, Ivana Cleopatra

3 crowns, 3 trophies and 7 medals! 

Dum Tak festival 2019 group categories: Oriental 2nd place, Folk 1st place, Fusion 3rd place. Solo categories: Oriental category 3rd place and Folk 3rd place. Judges: Jillina Carlano, Jamilla, Lulu Sabongi.

To improve and continuously develop her expertise and dance skills, she takes lessons herself in Classical Ballet, Salsa, Samba, Flamenco and other immensely interesting dance styles, which she combines and fuses with oriental dance and teaches in her classes, and making these classes a truly unique experience in Ireland!

Ivana established a Belly Dance studio called Cleopatra, in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2009.

This wonderful, unique belly dance story and experience Ivana has now brought to Dublin, Ireland! This is new, and almost one of a kind in Dublin and she wants to bring this fantastic fun, a new way of exercising and keeping fit with the people of Dublin!

Her passion is working with people, giving them all the knowledge in dancing, telling them all the stories about Egyptian traditions, culture, instruments, rhythms, dance history, and famous dancers.

She is the founder of Belly Dance Academy Cleopatra, where girls can avail of the opportunity to become belly dance teachers.